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Inspired by an article in an inhouse magazin of Mercedes-Benz which comprised a few pictures an independent photographic project of professional photographers, who are friends, started in 1996. Over a period of five years Stefan Gregor (Großostheim) und Matthias Maas (Würzburg) regularly went for one and a half week to Canfranc in the Spanish Pyrenees and documented the decay of a European vision, the „International Railway Stantion of Canfranc“. Three floors high, 250 meters long, a colossus built of stone, steel, slate and glass located in the middle of a god-forsaken valley of Aragón. By then a first class hotel within the railway station accomodated guests who came from all over Europe, the passenger hall is decorated with stucco and art nouveau lamps, the ticket counters remember one of huge confessionals. The picture excursions through the extensive area of the railway station and the pictures taken of different rooms resulted in plenty of shots, which in times of their making already became historic documents. This is because year after year parts of the interior vanished and the building heavily suffered from the rough climate. Over the time both photographers developed an inner relationship with the building, which itself was too far ahead of the time of the European Union. Both friends touched and fascinated by the building complex and the urge was born to contribute something to this European culture good  and to stopp its continuous decay (the „International Railway Station of Canfranc“ is classified as an „Ancient Art Monument“„ by the parlament of Aragón.) A collection of black and white as well as coloured pictures was worked out, which not only is documentation, but also show different views of two photographers. With his calm and carefully arranged pictures Matthias Maas tells stories about how the railway station could have been during its golden age. By using colour on purpose Stefan Gregor shows sadness and romance, decay and beautifulness. From this exciting confrontation a picture book is to result. It is not yet fixed when it will be published.